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Fresh Doubt (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers - Book 1) by Eva Hudson

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Fresh Doubt (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers - Book 1) |

Fresh Doubt (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers - Book 1)

by Eva Hudson

Release Date: 2014-02-09

A story of lies, secrets and deadly mind gamesBrilliant American psychology student Madison Faber is in police custody - a potential murder suspect. Two hours ago she found her roommate lying in a pool of blood.Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is assigned to investigate the case on behalf of the US embassy. Tasked with supporting a terrified Madison Faber and uncovering the truth behind her friend's death, Ingrid quickly discovers a sinister extremist group operating out of Faber's London college.Up against the obstructive attitude of the Metropolitan Police and defying the wishes of the embassy, Ingrid must navigate through a minefield of fear and mistrust to discover the killer's true identity. But in order to ensure justice is served, she is forced to operate so far beyond the law that she may never get back again.If you love books by Lee Child and Michael Connelly, and you've been waiting for an FBI heroine to rival Clarice Starling and Dana Scully, the new Ingrid Skyberg series might be just what you're looking for.A NEW FBI HEROINEFresh Doubt is the first in a series of thrillers set in the American embassy in London. If a US citizen gets into trouble, Agent Skyberg is on hand to fix things - by any means necessary.Q&A with Eva HudsonQ: Why did you want to write about an FBI agent?The Feds get to investigate the most interesting crimes and they have access to resources - like helicopters and automatic - that add excitement. For a storyteller, that opens up a lot of possibilities that can take your story—and your reader—on more thrilling adventures.Q: Why have you set your FBI thrillers in London?London's my home town, I know it and love it and it never occurred to me to set the books anywhere else.Q: But would an FBI agent really be working in the UK?Absolutely. The aim of FBI agents based in the American Embassy in London is to work closely with the police and security services to help fight international terrorism, organized crime, cyber crime, and – this is where Ingrid comes in – general 'criminal matters'. As the FBI's sole representative in the Criminal Division, Ingrid has an awful lot of crime to fight.Q: You're a Brit, so why have you used American spelling?It's not just American spelling, I also use American English. The books are written from Ingrid's perspective - we're inside her head in every scene - so it makes sense that she would think "sidewalk" instead of pavement. Using American English was really the only option, but I make sure that when the Brits speak, they always use British English.PRAISE FOR EVA HUDSON"A brilliantly-paced thriller... Perfectly balanced between character and plot. Very gripping and suspenseful" - Sophie Hannah"It immediately draws you in... there's suspense right from the beginning" - Penny Smith"Great dialogue" - Mark BillinghamEVA'S CRIME THRILLERS AND MYSTERIES IN ORDER- The Loyal Servant (Angela Tate Book 1)- The Senior Moment: A Highly Unconventional Heist Thriller- The Third Estate (Angela Tate Book 2)- Run Girl (Ingrid Skyberg Prequel Novella)- Fresh doubt (Ingrid Skyberg Book 1)- Kill Plan (Ingrid Skyberg Book 2)ABOUT EVA HUDSONAfter years of enjoying thrillers and police procedurals by authors like Lee Child and Michael Connelly, Eva was inspired to write thrillers herself. In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for her first novel, The Loyal Servant. The book also made it to the crime thriller final of ITV's People's Novelist Award.



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