Just the FAQs ma'am...

Here at Kindle Finds, we post ebooks we find that currently available for FREE for the Kindle.  We love freebies as much as the next guy, and having just gotten our Kindle for Christmas, we have been going crazy with the free ebooks!

Most ebooks are only free for a limited time.  We have no control over pricing.  All we can say is at the time of our post, the item was FREE.  If it is no longer free, there is nothing we can do.

Yes, we are Amazon affiliates, but affiliates only make money if you actually BUY something on Amazon.  We make no money off of the FREE downloads.

If you are an author who currently has a free promotion, feel free to send us the ISBN or AISN and the dates of your promotion.  We'll be happy to post it for you.


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