Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cold by Sha Jones

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Cold |


by Sha Jones

Release Date: 2014-09-06

Lies and betrayal is definitely an understatement when it comes to the life of prosecutor Tiffany Moore. Weird things have been happening to her for the past few weeks and no one can help her, not even her cool, calm and collective defense attorney husband Michael Moore. The stranger things become, the more Tiffany finds herself falling into depression. She confides in her friends, hoping that they can give her the answers that she needs. With each horrific experience after another, Tiffany finally puts all the clues together and come to a shocking revelation. Not only is something wrong but something is disturbingly wrong with her husband. She then comes to the conclusion that something might not be right in her circle as well. When everything is revealed, the game is now over and Tiffany realizes that she is in serious danger and her life is at risk. The only two obstacles that she is faced with is losing her freedom or losing her life.



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