Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Grimm Diaries Prequels volume 1- 6

The Grimm Diaries Prequels volume 1- 6: Snow White Blood Red, Ashes to Ashes & Cinder to Cinder, Beauty Never Dies, Ladle Rat Rotten Hut, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Blood Apples

by Cameron Jace

Release Date: 2013-11-14

The Grimm Prequels 15-18 are available now here Grimm Prequels 11-14 are available now here a limited time 6 for the price of 1Re-edited and Revised starting from 7/1/2013.This is the Fifth edition. 244 pagesNo#1 Bestseller in Teen Horror and Teen Romance ( December 2012 ) Also, the Grimm Prequels 7-10 here: Description:What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?Warning: these Grimm Prequels are like snap shots of a magical land you're about to visit soon. I like to think of them as poisoned apples. Once you taste them, you will never see fairy tales in the same light again. This Grimm Diaries Prequels are a number of short books in the form of epistolary diary entries. The diaries are more of teasers for the upcoming series: The Grimm Diaries, allowing you to get a glimpse of what to expect of the series. The 6 diaries are told by The Evil Queen, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, the Devil, Prince Charming, and Alice Grimm The first book in the Series will be out soon, called SNOW WHITE SORROW.Series Description:The Grimm Diaries are pages written in a Book of Sand, where each fairy tale character confessed the true stories once altered by the Brothers Grimm two centuries ago. To keep the truth about fairy tales hidden, the Brothers Grimm buried the characters in their dreams to never wake up again. But the curse is broken now, and the characters are allowed to wake up every one hundred years. They intend to tell the truth about really happened, and about an untold cosmic conflict between fairy tale characters.List of the available Grimm Diaries Prequels:The Grimm Prequels 1-6:1 Snow White Blood Red   narrated by The Snow White Queen2 Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder   narrated by Alice Grimm3 Beauty Never Dies   narrated by Peter Pan4 Ladle Rotten Rat Hut    narrated by Little Red Riding Hood5 Mary Mary Quite Contrary    narrated by the Devil6 Blood Apples   narrated by Prince CharmingThe Grimm Prequels 7-10:7 Once Beauty Twice Beast   narrated by Beauty8 Moon & Madly    narrated by Moongirl9 Rumpelstein   narrated by Rumpelstiltskin10 Jawigi     narrated by Sandman GrimmThe Grimm Prequels 11-1411 Happy Valentine's Slay     narrated by Wllie Winkie12 Children of Hamlin     narrated by the Devil13 Ember in the Wind     narrated by Little Match Girl14 Jar of Hearts     narrated by the Sandman    Welcome to Sorrow ( bonus prequel )     narrated by Igor the MagnificentThe Grimm Prequels 15-1815 Snow White Black Swan     narrated by Queen of Sorrow15 The Pumpkin Piper     narrated by Jack Madly16 Prince of Puppets     narrated by Pinocchio15 The Sleeping Beast     narrated by Angel Von SorrowComing soon:Blood, Milk, and Chocolate




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