Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hellbender (Murder Ballads and Whiskey Series) by Jason Jack Miller

Hellbender (Murder Ballads and Whiskey Series)

by Jason Jack Miller

Release Date: 2011-11-19

Alex must've been desperate if she came to me for help. I could protect her from bullets and knives and the wild mountains themselves, but not the dark Appalachian magic I barely believed in. The only way to save the woman I loved was to head home and end the hundred-year blood feud between her family and mine. I'd kill every last Lewis and bury every last witch in the coal-dusted soil of West Virginia, even if that meant facing them all again in hell. This is a tale of star-crossed lovers and civil revenge by uncivil hands, written in blood that is barely thicker than water.From HELLBENDER:She squeezed me, fully letting herself embrace the little bit of shelter I offered. She sniffed, and said, "He had a gun, Henry. He held it up to my neck."I held her as tight as I could. "It's over. Didn't you see what just happened?" I pointed to Darren with his head resting against the truck's toolbox.She said, "He told me that Charlie Lewis knows now. He said I didn't run far enough away."



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