Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adduné (The Vampire's Game) by Wendy Potocki Release Date: 2011-02

Adduné (The Vampire's Game)

by Wendy Potocki

Release Date: 2011-02-01

Join Miranda Perry on her harrowing journey into the dark world of vampires. In this three book series, Miranda Perry unwittingly becomes embroiled in a merciless game of revenge. She will need all her wits to overcome this ultimate evil as she battles to save her soul - and the souls of everyone she loves.Still shaken from the untimely death of her father, Miranda is forced to assume control of his business empire. She begins the arduous task of overhauling Perry Antique's outdated cataloguing system. She soon discovers an object that her father hid from the world - a priceless, undocumented Fabergé egg. Its interior holds two rubies. One is a heart-shaped ruby - the other a marquise cut stone that represents a single droplet of blood. In attempting to ascertain its authenticity, she is placed in the crosshairs of a cunning vampire named Adduné. He becomes consumed with exacting vengeance for an unpardonable transgression - an offense that demands the ultimate punishment.Let the adventure begin!



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