Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On the Matter of the Red Hand by JM Guillen

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On the Matter of the Red Hand

On the Matter of the Red Hand

by JM Guillen

Release Date: 2014-01-12

Fantasy Noir. Steampunk Mystery. Horror in a city by the sea.All Thom wants is to drink a few rounds with his friend and play some bar games, or maybe make friends with that new serving girl- but that's not in the cards. No, Thom has a problem- a problem that may get him killed. Or worse. Grudgingly, he steps out into the misty night. He is guided only by dizzying visions that run through his head like molten silver- visions that show dark injustices, hidden behind strange inexplicable symbols. It's enough to make a man want a drink. Thom has no time however. His visions have brought him to the door of a madman- Santiago Il Ladren. Santiago is a monster, rumored to have his enemies creatively tortured to death- that is, the ones that don't simply vanish. It is possible that Santiago will have Thom killed, just for asking the wrong questions. Soon, the mystery takes a sharp turn. There is a missing girl- and it happens that Santiago is her brother. Each is another step down a twisted road that leads to forbidden alchemies and experiments in horror, hidden in plain sight. Every move Thom takes leads him further into strange shadows, until finally he is confronted with truths that he never wanted to face. Some nights, it's just not worth the trouble it takes to stay out of the taverns.



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