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The NOVA Trilogy Boxed Set by Aven Jayce

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The NOVA Trilogy Boxed Set

The NOVA Trilogy Boxed Set

by Aven Jayce

Release Date: 2014-07-27

The Boxed Set includes Fallen Snow (Book One), Desert Star (Book Two), and Sunset Rush (Book Three). The NOVA Trilogy contains strong language, scenes of descriptive sex, and subject matter that may be disturbing for some readers. For mature audiences only. "I'm flawed, no doubt about it, and I can be downright nasty at times. But just wait until you meet the other people in my life. You think I'm damaged? I can't even begin to tell you..." My story begins in St. Louis with my best friend and former college roommate, Mera. I'm twenty-three, stubborn, not the romantic type, and convinced that I can mistreat my body however I see fit. I'm not worried about any consequences, only my therapist is. I see her twice a week as requested by my father. He believes I have issues with my mother and that my lack of motivation, foul-mouth, and immaturity all stem from her neglect. But my therapist? She thinks I'm a sex addict. All of this is about to change... because of him. A man who is as emotionally damaged as myself. Cove Everton holds secrets that are infinitely darker than mine. The demons he carries are destroying him, and his connection to my family is tragic. He distances himself, but our attraction is too powerful for that withdrawal to last. Once his private life is exposed there's no turning back. We fall fast and hard; both virgins to this kind of love and troubled by the unknowns of a future together. Can we erase the scars of one another's past and move forward? Or will we be consumed by our former lives? You'll spend time in shallow water getting to know me before you advance into the deep end with Cove. And it is deep, be patient. The unexpected is coming. ~ Sophia Jameson



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