Friday, November 21, 2014

Captive (Behind the Stars Book 1) by Leigh Talbert Moore

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Captive (Behind the Stars Book 1)

Captive (Behind the Stars Book 1)

by Leigh Talbert Moore

Release Date: 2014-11-09

Red Dawn meets LOST in this New Adult action-adventure romance.    Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:-Graduation is two weeks away.-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.-She's getting a job with air-conditioning.She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.And she never expected to become a hero.Episode 1 of a new serial from Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.Episode Release Dates: (all available for pre-order)OUT NOW!! - CaptiveOUT NOW!! - Learning to SpyNov. 23 - Harvest MoonDec. 7 - JacksonDec. 21 - Into the WoodsDec. 28 - If I FlyDec. 31 - BEHIND THE STARS Complete Set



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