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The Call of Agon: Book One of The Children of Telm by Dean F. Wilson

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The Call of Agon: Book One of The Children of Telm

The Call of Agon: Book One of The Children of Telm

by Dean F. Wilson

Release Date: 2013-02-19

***For a limited time, you can get The Memory Magus, a short story set in the same world as The Call of Agon, for free here > bit.ly/deanfwilson (just copy and paste into your browser)*** Get Books 2 and 3 in the series for just 99c each for a limited time only. Grab a bargain today! THE LAST LINE. THE LAST WORDS. THE LAST CHANCE. Ifferon is one of the last in the bloodline of the dead god Telm, who mated with mortal women, and who imprisoned the Beast Agon in the Underworld. Armed with a connection to the estranged gods in the Overworld and a scroll bearing Telm's powerful dying words, he is tasked with ensuring the god's vital legacy: that Agon remain vanquished. Fear forces Ifferon to abandon his duty, but terror restores his quest when the forces of Agon find his hideaway in an isolated coastal monastery. Weighed down by the worries of the world, but lifted up by the companions he encounters along the way, Ifferon embarks on a journey that encompasses the struggles of many peoples, the siege of many lands, and discoveries that could bring hope to some—or doom to all. An epic fantasy set in a world replete with its own lands, races, languages, history and mythology. An immersive and lyrical tale with flawed and mysterious characters. A page-turner right up to the last page. Enter the world of Iraldas. Answer the Call of Agon. Interview with the Author Q - So, what makes the Children of Telm series special? A - The world, the characters, and the story that drives those characters through that world. Iraldas is not just another fantasy realm; it's a place where gods are trapped like mortals, where the blood of deities intermingles with common folk, and where the stuff of legends is an everyday reality. Readers can expect intense and nail-biting battles, unique and unusual characters, lyrical language that lifts and inspires, a magical world that is almost as alive as our own, and moments of hope and horror, which can move us to laughter or tears. Q - Why is fantasy such an important genre? A - I see fantasy as the modern heir of ancient mythology, the continuation of those tales that moved so many people in bygone days. The best fantasy novels not only offer us a means of escape, but help us better explore the real issues of the world, under the veil of symbol and myth. I think this is why there are so many fantasy best sellers, in print or Kindle, because it answers to a core human need—the desire to understand ourselves and the world around us. Q - So, what makes these books a must read? A - Because the Children of Telm explores the premise that man and god are not so far apart as they might seem. The series brings readers across a vast and varied landscape, with many different races and cultures, and many different battles, which are part of one great war against one great enemy: the Beast Agon. Entering Amazon's Fantasy Must Reads list is no mean feat either! The bottom line: If you enjoy lots of action and suspense, intriguing characters, and a beautiful world you can escape to, then The Children of Telm series is for you. Q - Can readers expect more stories set in Iraldas? A - Definitely. I've been working on a few short stories called The Memory Magus, the first of which can be downloaded for free from my website. There will be more to follow, and I hope to flesh out the world of Iraldas even more in the months and years to come. Thanks for reading! The Children of Telm Fantasy Series eBook Categories: - Fantasy Must Reads - Top Fantasy Novels - Best Fantasy Novels - Fantasy Best Sellers - Fantasy Best Sellers in Kindle Books - Fantasy Series Complete - Sword and Sorcery Series



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