Saturday, October 11, 2014

Night Terrors: 7 Horror Stories by Valentine King

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Night Terrors: 7 Horror Stories |

Night Terrors: 7 Horror Stories

by Valentine King

Release Date: 2014-10-02

How can you become famous in six seconds? Find out in these seven chilling stories guaranteed to give you nightmares from a No.1 bestselling author. Meet a meek anonymous man with a terrifying plan to gain viral fame, a woman who soon regrets offering to pay anything to look young again and a plant that just won't stop growing. Watch a Punch and Judy show that makes kids vanish, meet a cute doll that will do anything to protect its new owner and listen to a shocking voicemail message that will have you wondering what you would do if it was sent to you. About the author: Valentine King is the author of the UK No.1 horror bestseller The House in the Wood, described as "gripping" and "simply brilliant." His two other horror collections, Couples Therapy and School Reunion have both reached the top 20 on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Night Terrors is his latest release. Praise for Valentine King's horror "Made my skin crawl...I love that" "Very good book" "Recommend for all horror fans" *The House in the Wood - No.1 on Amazon UK in Kindle horror stories category Sep 2014*



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