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Hunters Among Us: Volume 1: Tempted by Fire & Fighting the Flame (Books 1 & 2) by M.D. Bowden

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Hunters Among Us: Volume 1: Tempted by Fire & Fighting the Flame (Books 1 & 2)

Hunters Among Us: Volume 1: Tempted by Fire & Fighting the Flame (Books 1 & 2)

by M.D. Bowden

Release Date: 2014-10-08

Eighteen year old Erin Lustleigh is just starting university. She has no idea she's about to plunge into a world with werewolves, vampires, ghosts and, of course . . . hunters. Erin's journey is one of heart ache, new experiences and dangerous dilemmas. She finds herself torn between sides, not knowing who to believe, or who to trust.Join Erin, as she finds out the dark truth. . . . Download 'Hunters Among Us: Volume 1' and start reading now!This volume contains the first two books in the 'Hunters Among Us' series: Tempted by Fire & Fighting the Flame.Tempted by Fire: EXTRACT"Hello.""Hi," I mutter, trying to sidestep.He anticipates the movement and places himself in my way."Would you like to dance?" he asks.I regard him warily, yet I'm not able to stop gazing at his beautiful face, his blue eyes smouldering at me, making it pretty hard to refuse-but I still remember the fire."I'm going to get some water," I say, trying to step away, again."Let me.""No, thank you." Like I'd let someone like him buy me a drink; it's not like I haven't heard of the date rape drug.Again, I try to side step him."Hey wait-I won't hurt you."OK, that's enough-I can't trust someone who says something like that, however gorgeous he might happen to be. I wrench my eyes away from his annoyingly captivating gaze."I need to go."This time he grabs my hand, stopping me in my tracks. The second his hand touches mine I stop wanting to leave. I look back into his eyes-suddenly finding his presence comforting, relaxing. I look down at our entwined hands, confused-what just happened?"Let's dance," he says.Acclaim for 'Hunters Among Us, Book 1':"I chose 5 star rating because it's the best book other than Twilight. I suggest young teens, who love romance and stories about vampires, buy this book. I love this book!:D" -Abigail Slavish ★★★★★"This book was pretty awesome ... If you like buffy style books, you will probably really enjoy this one." -Toni Michelle ★★★★★"I confess I loved this book ... I like that this book had a mix of real life dramas mixed in with the supernatural." -Jodie Moss ★★★★★"Like the authors style of writing. She kept my attention, she developed her characters and her message with subtlety and finesse." -Gwendolen S. Shickell ★★★★★



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