Saturday, October 11, 2014

Freaky Tales Of Horror: Volume I by Mark Rich

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Freaky Tales Of Horror: Volume I |

Freaky Tales Of Horror: Volume I

by Mark Rich

Release Date: 2014-09-05

Freaky Tales Of Horror: Up and coming Author, Mark Rich. Wrote his first horror short stories. February 2014.Since then he has gone on to write and publish.Over 100 short stories.Some going as high as #7 on Amazon UK, top 100 horror shorts and high as #40 on 100 horror shorts. Here is his latest attempt. Freaky Tales Of horror. To The Future For Murder A mad scientist travels to the future for revenge. Sunday Dinner An overweight bachelor meets a beautiful woman and gets invited to dinner. Freaky Doll Of Death A college kid gets a hold of a real functioning sex doll and all hell breaks loose. Circus Of Evil Obsessed with large box office ticket sales. A circus owner and ringmaster goes mad. Bad Cop A crooked and brutal cop.Gets off repeatedly for police brutality,that is until he ended up,in freaky Tales Of Horror. A Spider Woman In London An inspector and a doctor. Refuse to believe that a creature half human and half beast could exist.Until they ran into the Spider Woman.



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