Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DeadBorn by C.M. Stunich

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by C.M. Stunich

Release Date: 2012-11-08

DeadBorn - A Zombie/Dystopian Paranormal Romance from the International Bestselling Author of "Losing Me, Finding You" Recommended: Ages 16 and Up "In a few days the whole world will fall to the undead. It's inevitable." I'm being chased by the DeadBorn and everything's gone chaotic. Just last night I was playing baseball in the park. Now, hordes of undead swarm the streets, roused by a magic that's raging out of control, drawing the lifeless from their graves and luring demons from a different world. And they're all after the one person that I care about most: my girlfriend, Holly. She's being chased by a necromancer who won't stop until she finds her. Not even if it means bathing the world in a wash of blood. The DeadBorn are almost impossible to kill. A simple head shot won't do the trick. We have to break them into pieces, smash them until they're nothing. And those are just the lopers. There are other DeadBorn, too, ones with fire in their faces, some that spew acid, and then there are the ones that can take down helicopters. We'd already be dead if it weren't for Holly's dreams. She says she knows what to do, and I think we're just going to have to trust her because there's no time for anything else. We can't run; we can't even hide. The necromancer knows where we are, and the legion is coming.



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