Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scarcity (Jack Randall #3 Book 1) by Randall Wood

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Scarcity (Jack Randall #3 Book 1) |

Scarcity (Jack Randall #3 Book 1)

by Randall Wood

Release Date: 2013-01-06

A teenage girl is kidnapped in Mexico City as a young boy in Afghanistan is wounded by artillery fire. A plane crashes in Florida while a man desperately waits for a new heart in Maryland. A senator’s daughter is critically injured in a car accident as a captured drug runner makes a deal with the DEA. Before he can settle into his new job with Homeland Security, Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself pulled into the seedy world of black market organ trading. With help from an old friend from Interpol he soon uncovers an evil well fed by the desperation of good people. An evil that strikes with the power to force its deeds on anyone. Jack soon learns that in order to defeat such an enemy, he may have to go to war against his own people, and himself. Scarcity is book 3 of the popular Jack Randall series. You can continue to follow Jack and his team in TIME, a collection of short stories following each of the main characters in the first three books. Look for Security, book 4 of the series, scheduled for publication in October of 2014.



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