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Forty-Four Book Three (44 3) by Jools Sinclair

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Forty-Four Book Three (44 3) |

Forty-Four Book Three (44 3)

by Jools Sinclair

Release Date: 2012-02-13

Two years ago Abby Craig died in the dark waters of a mountain lake. And then 44 minutes later, she miraculously came back to life. Dr. Nathaniel Mortimer is sure he was the one who saved her that day. But there is still much he doesn’t understand. After being away, he has returned and will stop at nothing to get his answers. Now Abby must find a way off her prison island or risk discovering what lies on the other side of those 44 minutes. Because Mortimer eventually comes to believe that there’s only one thing he needs to complete his investigation… Her life. PRAISE FOR 44... ***** A FANTASTIC novel! 44 was just about impossible to put down once I started. From the very beginning, there was an air of mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat… I highly recommend this fantastic novel! The Caffeinated Diva ***** Everything from the setting, to the time frame, to the characters, was beautifully developed. This book is truly a gem and I highly recommend it. It literally took my breath away. Avery’s Book Review ***** Sinclair sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt. She brings mystery, love, and friendship to the book and weaves a lovely tale. Just Another Book Addict ***** IMPRESSIVE! 44 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and will take readers by storm. With so much information in such a small book it will impress readers to the detail and depth in so few pages. The conclusion will take your breath away. Don’t miss you chance to check out this amazing story. The Book Whisperer ***** Fantastic, edge of your seat thriller. A MUST READ! It twists you about and as soon as you think you have it all figured out, throws you for the final loop with an ending that will break the hardest heart. Wormhole



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