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Tarnished Steel (Steel Riders MC Book 1)

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Tarnished Steel (Steel Riders MC Book 1) |

Tarnished Steel (Steel Riders MC Book 1)

by Carmen Faye

Release Date: 2014-08-05

A new town holds promise for Cynthia Palmer. Cynthia Palmer has felt lonely since moving to town, until she meets Daphne Shore. Daphne has taken her under her wing and introduced her to the members of the Steel Riders MC. New friends are great, but when Hank Park returns from a road trip, she can't wait to make his acquaintance. Hank Park is a tough nut to crack. Few men carry themselves with purpose like Hank Park. With a lifetime of stories hiding within his eyes, he can be hard to read. But when he returns home to the Steel Riders and meets Cynthia, she can see exactly whats on his mind. A death in the family puts love on the balance. The Steel Riders MC are a close-knit family, but even families have bad blood at times. Hank's return is exciting for new girl Cynthia, but not so for Daphne's boyfriend, Derrick Unger. When he is found dead shortly after Hank's homecoming, the MC can only assume that difficulties between the two have resurfaced. Cynthia must decide if seeing the best in Hank is only clouding her from seeing the truth. EXCERPT Cyn bit her lip. “So are you just going to stand out there, giving the play-by-play? Or are you going to join the game, cowboy.” She saw him now, and she watched him cross the street with that road god stride of his to the bottom of her drive, where he said, “It looks like quite a game. I think I can make a good showing of myself, though. Any particular rules involved, or is it free play?” “If it comes off, it stays off,” she told him with much more boldness than she felt. “And hesitant kissing is an extreme foul.” “A game of boldness and strong movements. Definitely where my skills lie,” Hank declared. “Passive groping is another foul which could end the game,” she warned him. “Only authentic desires displayed by clear and distinct actions. Sounds like high risk but with fantastical rewards,” he said as he came up on her porch. “Nearly there. Anything else before I throw myself to the wolves?” “If you bother to knock, the game will be called on grounds of mental incapacity,” she told him with a laugh, and she hung up in time to see him come inside, tossing his own phone toward hers on the couch. Before she could think of what to do, he swooped her up into a kiss with more ease than she had ever experienced before. She had already changed out of her lace-up leather vest and into one of the large t-shirts she wore around the house like short dresses. This was normal work attire for her, but it also meant she was only wearing the shirt and a pair of panties. With his display of willingness to jump into her game and the state of arousal she noticed he was in as he came through the door, she felt the likelihood of remaining clothed for another two minutes was minuscule. So rather than attempt to defend, she attacked.



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