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Remnant by Kate Genet

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by Kate Genet

Release Date: 2011-07-07

Remnant free for limited time - take advantage of the deal and pick up new release SIMULACRA for 99c at the same time! What would you do if you woke up one morning to find the world you took for granted was gone? It’s a beautiful sunny day when Cass wakes up to find herself alone. It should be just a normal day – there’s a beach to enjoy with family and friends and the summer is at it’s height. Except today is not a normal day. Today there is no one around. In fact, the only living creatures Cass can see are birds. And a horse. Where is everyone? As Cass struggles to find other survivors in this strange new world where nature is taking back the land, she discovers that being alone might not be the worst thing. It depends on who or what else is out there... NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: To those of you for whom this matters: this book contains non-graphic scenes of lesbian intimacy. It also contains similar, heterosexual scenes. Consider yourself informed. I have several more books planned for this year, and hope that you will keep an eye out for them, or sign up for my new releases newsletter. I am currently writing another apocalyptic novel, titled Simulacra, and planning two sequels for Remnant, the first to take place before this book ends (you'll understand when you read it) and the second to carry on where Remnant leaves off. Visit my website at kategenet.com to keep up to date on these and other projects, and join my mailing list. But meanwhile, happy reading!



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