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Daughter of Bathory

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Daughter of Bathory |

Daughter of Bathory

by A.R. Wise

Release Date: 2013-10-08

Ophelia Winter is a Daughter of Bathory, a woman imbued with supernatural abilities and fiendish desires by a parasite hosted inside her body. A cult of men, known as Pales, serve her, beguiled by the blessing she imparts upon them. The parasite keeps Ophelia young, but she must extract a dying worm and replace it with a more vital one from time to time, giving her immortality. This time of transference is at hand, but her domination of her hive of Pales has weakened, and thoughts of revolution stir among the men. Meanwhile, Neva Mulroney struggles with the return of her mother, a heroin addict that disappeared two years earlier. Her mother's return causes strife among the family, but is also met with drastic retribution from a local dealer that she unwittingly wronged. As the family is endangered by their matriarch's ties to the drug world, Neva finds herself thrown into Ophelia's struggle as well, and is given a choice that will forever change all of their lives.



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