Thursday, May 15, 2014

Out Of Darkness (The Starborn Uprising)

Out Of Darkness (The Starborn Uprising)

by Jason D. Morrow

Release Date: 2013-12-17

It has been sixty years since society as we know it was destroyed. People are forced to band together in isolated villages to hide from the predatory greyskins—the once humans that will eat anything that moves. But sometimes, hiding isn’t enough. Nineteen-year-old Mora leaves her grandmother, little brother, and the rest of her village to seek out the man who can offer protection—Jeremiah. Along the way, she meets two brothers, Connor and Aaron who help her discover that she has a new ability within herself—the power of the Starborn. And there are others like her. But these super-humans are on a mission: to kill Jeremiah. They claim that the man who offers protection for everyone is a murderer with dangerous secrets. Mora must now choose between the man who claims he can keep her village safe, and those who can show her who she really is.




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