Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crimson Fire (A 10 book Fantasy Anthology)

Crimson Fire (A 10 book Fantasy Anthology)

by W.J. May

Release Date: 2014-03-30

Read 10 different books from 10 different series. Click on the inside feature to view covers, read blurbs, and see book trailers. From bestselling authors W.J. May and Chrissy Peebles - each book is a different genre of fantasy, paranormal and romance – all from different series! CHRISSY PEEBLES 1. (YA horror) The Zombie Chronicles 2. (Adult Paranormal Romance) Eternal Vows 3. (YA Vampire series) Crush 4. (YA Paranormal) Enchanted Castle 5. (YA Fantasy & Sci fi) Castaway W.J. MAY 6. RAE OF HOPE – THE CHRONICLES OF KERRIGAN 7. SEVENTH MARK Part 1 – THE HIDDEN SECRETS SAGA 8. SHADOW OF DOUBT – Part 1 9. RADIUM HALOS – THE SENSELESS CHRONICLES 10. COURAGE RUNS RED – Except from the BLOOD RED SERIES




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