Friday, December 13, 2013

The Sword of Sighs (The Age of the Flame: Book One) by Greg James

The Sword of Sighs (The Age of the Flame: Book One)

by Greg James

Release Date: 2013-12-11

THE NUMBER ONE DARK FANTASY BESTSELLER! Sarah Bean lives a quiet life in Okeechobee, Florida until the day when she is transported from our world to the fantastic realm of Seythe. She meets a wayfaring wizard called Ossen who saves her from the dreaded black riders, servants of a being known only as the Fallen One. Together, they will have to undertake a treacherous journey to the far-away Fellhorn mountain where Sarah must find the one weapon that can save them from the black riders pursuing them - The Sword of Sighs. NB: This novel is recommended for mature young adults as it contains occasional bad language and occasional scenes of a graphic nature. Book Two, The Sceptre of Storms, is now available from the Kindle Store. "The Sword of Sighs is a fantasy novel with well paced action and compelling characters...This was an entertaining read and I am looking forward to the next one. " - Ann BoozeandBooks Review Blog "What a ride! What a journey!...Do I recommend this book? Heck yeah I do! If you want to dive into a fantastical and epic journey of good vs evil, then this book is for you." - Same DiNamics Book Review Blog "Interesting and exciting, it was enough to catch my attention all the way! You'll never be able to put the book down." - Girl in the Woods Review Blog




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