Thursday, December 6, 2012

Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware (Harbinger Serial Killer Thriller Series) by Carolyn McCray

Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware (Harbinger Serial Killer Thriller Series)

by Carolyn McCray

Release Date: 2010-06-01

In celebration of the Indie Book Blowout, Plain Jane will be priced at just $2.99!Get it NOW before it goes back up to its regular price of $5.99!Did you know that James Rollins Recommends...Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware, a Top 10 bestseller in both Hard-Boiled Mysteries and Police Procedurals.Let's see why..."Wickedly macabre and blisteringly paced, PLAIN JANE marks the debut of a thriller for the new millennium. Brash, funny, terrifying, and shocking, here is a story best enjoyed with all the lights on. Don't say I didn't warn you!"James RollinsNYT Best SellerBloodline"This book is so creepy. I made the mistake of starting in one night before bed. Not only did the story line keep me turning pages, it freaked me out to the point that I didn't want to turn off my light."The Book GoddessBook Reviewer"This one had me flipping pages until 2 in the morning. I knew when I saw the quote from James Rollins (one of my favorites) that I would get at least my money's worth out of the book, but I had NO idea what laid in store for me."Mimi - Novel IdeasOverview: Plain Jane: Brunettes BewareA Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal...A city paralyzed by a serial killer stalking the night, taking a most gruesome trophy.The only standing in the murderer's way is an FBI profiler...recently released from a mental institution.Plain Jane combines the swift action of Patterson with the macabre of Harris.Just remember to keep the lights on when reading this one!More Praise for Plain Jane..."When I read on the author's blog that Plain Jane was a "Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal" I knew right away that I wanted to read it. I was not disappointed and in my honest opinion this book is incredible!"A. Harris"Right out of the gate this book creeped me out. Being a brunette myself, the title alone was enough to scare me! This was a seriously good book. Words like unhinged, grotesque, shocking, intriguing, and macabre were spinning through my head as I read the stunning and suspenseful pages."Brighter ScribeBook ReviewerAnyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers such as James Patterson, Lee Child, and Patricia Cornwell, Plain Jane with definitely satisfy your need for suspense! **If you were looking for more from Kent Harbinger, the FBI profiler is featured in a short story titled Dark Lullaby.**If you were looking for another bestselling Mystery check out All Hallow's Eve: The one night it is BAD to be good.**If you were looking for an action packed thriller definitely check out Encrypted!




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