Sunday, November 4, 2012

American Blood: A Vampire's Story by Gregory Holden

American Blood: A Vampire's Story

by Gregory Holden

Release Date: 2009-08-05

She was born human, became a leper, and while a mining slave of the Roman Empire she touched a strange stone that transformed her into the world's first vampire. Here is the story of an administration during its eighth and final year in office looking for a way to salvage its legacy by finding and killing the world's most wanted terrorist. For seven years America has failed to accomplish this mission and now, desperate and beset by scandal, the government hatches a covert plan to capture, and then coerce, the world's first vampire into locating and killing the Sheikh.Excerpt with author's permission:"Ryan took a needed deep breath and stepped closer to the sphere. The female continued to stare at him as she floated naked in her liquid prison. Perhaps five feet eight and one hundred thirty pounds, he guessed. The features of her face were elegantly proportioned with her large, almond shaped eyes complimented by her high cheekbones and full lips. Her smooth skin exquisitely followed the contours of the underlying muscle. Her legs had a slightly exaggerated length that only added to her unique beauty. And her hands were lovely with slender fingers ending in long, light-pink nails. If Michelangelo had sculpted a lover for David this is what he would have created. To Ryan she looked so delicate within her acrylic prison yet he knew it was all deception. She had the strength of five men and was inhumanly fast."




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