Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling (The Hemlock Bay Series) by Amber Jaeger

Falling (The Hemlock Bay Series)

by Amber Jaeger

Release Date: 2012-08-10

When the lines between dreams and reality disappear, wishes can become nightmares...For sixteen-year-old Bixby, the last few years have been a misery of loss and rejection. Her mother’s death, her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s and her father’s despair and distance have robbed her of the family she once had. With only her brother Lincoln and her imaginary friends from the town she dreams of every night on her side, she struggles on.But then Lincoln is killed in a suspicious car accident and Bixby is devastated to lose her best—and only—friend. Desperate to have him back, she accepts an offer from a stranger from her nightmares. Jordan delivers on his promise and Bixby finds she must deliver on hers. The problem is she doesn’t know who—or what—Jordan really is or what exactly she promised in return. Each evening they spend together in her dreams brings them closer together and tears Bixby further from her own reality. What does Jordan really want and what is Bixby going to lose in return for the only thing she thought she wanted most in the world?Explore a new paranormal world where djinn rule and usually get what they want.Look for the sequel, Winter’s Dream, available now.




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