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Take No More (The murder mystery thriller) by Seb Kirby

Take No More (The murder mystery thriller)

by Seb Kirby

Release Date: 2010-12-04

My name is James Blake.A single act turns my life upside down. I come home to find my wife, Julia, shot and bleeding. She dies in my arms. The police are no help. I'm sure they're trying to fit me up for the murder.I check Julia's messages and find just one. It says 'help me'. It comes with a strange, old-lookingimage of a woman being seduced. It's all I have to go on. That and the fact that someone is trying to kill me. But I will find Julia's killers, no matter what it takes.5 star reviews:'It was a few pages before I realized what I was reading: a sort of modern noir. I walked in the hero's shoes, was privy to his thoughts and intruded on his emotions as he was drawn into the mystery of his wife's death. Kirby's spare yet rich prose, his perfect word choices, made this a work that appeared to be effortlessly constructed. That seamlessness is the hallmark of a gifted writer. Definitely recommended.' (Rebecca Forster)'From the first pages 'Take No More' held me enthralled and it delivered on every promise it made. It is a rich story set in a complex tapestry of characters and settings.'  'This is an outstanding debut novel by Seb Kirby. He captivates the reader from the first page, and remains gripping and compelling throughout. I could not put this book down.' 'If You Like Harlan Coben, you'll love 'Take No More' favorite kind of thriller...' (Libby Fischer Hellmann) 'The comparisons with Harlan Coben are well merited because this is a gripping thriller in the same vein. It begins with the aftermath of a violent act and doesn't let up until the end. As an author who always aims for momentum and suspense myself, I take my hat off to Kirby.' (John Harding)'Take No More' is fast-paced, 69,000 words, about 260 print pages.




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