Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bleedover by Curtis Hox


by Curtis Hox

Release Date: 2011-11-02

Hattie Sterling has dedicated her career to the study of bleedover, a new phenomenon in which parts of fictional worlds cross over into the real one. So far, bleedover's effects--vandalized billboards, extra scenes in movies, unpublished copy in texts--have been so small and so random many consider the whole thing a hoax.Everything changes when grad students Ernest Packer and Masumi Yoshida conjure an apple out of thin air. Bleedover is real--and it can be controlled.Sterling believes she can harness fantastical worlds to make ours a better place. But her college rival Corbin Lyell has other ideas. Obsessed with the pulp horrors of Lovecraft and Howard, he kidnaps Packer and quickly summons cosmic monsters into Riodola University. To fight back, Sterling must conjure up myths and heroes of her own before Corbin overruns the world with the worst horrors of the imagination.



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